Author, publisher, slave of cats. After earning a Bachelor's in English from Rice University, Barbara divided her time between working with small groups of entrepreneurs who didn't know any better than to start their own companies and swimming against the current of the publishing industry, eventually co-founding Be Mused, an author services company devoted to helping authors and small publishers developed books. She founded Mercury Retrograde Press in 2007, a small press dedicated to unconventional authors and works that might undeservedly slip through the cracks at bigger houses. Today, Barbara is a publisher at 43 Hours Press and the author of The Way of the Gods series. Her debut novel, The Shadow of the Sun, is a Compton Crook Award finalist.


Author, publisher, visual artist, former emo kid. Blue started work in the publishing industry at age 14, working first as a sales representative and design artist, traveling the Southeast convention circuit to market otherwise overlooked works of Science Fiction & Fantasy. Today, she is a publisher at 43 Hours Press and the author of The Shepherds of the Damned series.