The Way of the Gods

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"[R]eminiscent of the works of Patricia Kenneally Morrison and Marion Zimmer Bradley, this fantasy debut deserves a wide readership."

--Library Journal


Ten years ago, Ellion violated a sacred rule of magic and brought tragedy on his family. Forced to abandon his throne, exiled from the holy Aballo Order of wizards, and severed from his patron goddess, he swore never to work magic again. He retreated into music and a bard's footloose existence: living in other men's kingdoms, singing of other men's victories.


But a man cannot deny the gods.

While the human nations teeter on the verge of chaos and civil war, the ard-righ, the king of kings, is murdered in an act of insurrection by a rogue wizard who follows the old gods. Ellion tries to slip away, into the Tanaan realms--only to find himself the protector of Letitia: a Tanaan princess, daughter of one of the greatest Tanaan heroines, and unwitting key to a dark arcane mystery. Pursued by the rogue wizard's forces and enticed by gods he was taught to forswear, Ellion must battle his faith, his vows, and the darkness his soul yearns to tap as he races to unravel the secret of the rogue wizard's power: the Shadow of the Sun.

Volume One:

The Shadow of the Sun

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